International Biopetrological Association (IBA)

 It aims to promote the study of biopetrology through international symposium, journal and awards​

Biopetrology is a new interdisciplinary science to cover the studies of biomineralization and all biogenic rocks, i.e., bioliths, such as reef rocks, microbialites, dealing with their formation, environments, and role in formation and preservation of ore deposits and hydrocarbons.

IBA  is an non-profit international society founded on September 16, 2​021, and was registered in Texas, USA on September 20, 2021.

Organization of IBA
Academic Committee
Chairman and Vice chairman
IBA members

    Any researcher who has at least 1 publication in biopetrology or its related disciplines, agrees to the constitution of IBA, and is willing to participate in the activities of IBA, can become an IBA member through an applying email to the following presidium. ​​

    Currently, IBA has 374 members from 29 countries. 

Academic Com​​​mittee (AC) of IBA 

    The academic and administrative organ of IBA is the Academic Committee (AC), which consists of the 30 Academic Committee Members (ACMs) elected by the IBA members of each country.

​​Academic Committee Members (ACMs)


    Abigail C. Allwood (USA), Achim Wehrmann (Germany), Brian Jones (Canada), Christophe Dupraz (Sweden), Concha Arenas (Spain), Dominic Papineau (UK), Dong-Jie Tang (China), Edoardo Perri (Italy), Fei Li (China), Fumito Shiraishi (Japan), Geraint Wyn Hughes (UK), Hong-Wei Kuang (China), Jeong-Hyun Lee (Korea), Ji-Tao Chen (China), Karim Benzerara (France), Emmanuelle Vennin (France), Le Yao (China), Luisa I. Falcón (Mexico), Ming-Xiang Mei (China), Pieter T. Visscher (USA), R. P. Reid (USA), Ricardo J. Jahnert (Brazil), Robert Riding (USA), Shu-Cheng Xie (China), Subir Sarkar (India), Tadeusz Marek Peryt (Poland), Ya-Sheng Wu (China), Yong-An Qi (China), Yue-Feng Shen (China), Zuo-Zhen Han (​​China).

Presidium of AC

 Ya-Sheng Wu, Professor, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. China.


Brian Jones, Professor, University of Alberta. Canada.


Luisa I. Falcón, 


Instituto de Ecología, UNAM. Mexico.


Pieter T. Visscher,


University of Connecticut. USA.



Tadeusz Marek Peryt,

Professor, Polish Geological Institute - National Research Institute. Poland.

 Outstanding Scholar Award of IBA
    It is awarded to the scholars who have made great contributions to biopetrology, and is elected from the applying or nominated scholars by IBA members, by a vote of most ACMs, 0~3 every year. 
 Outstanding Contribution Award of IBA
    It is awarded to the owners of important research results in biopetrology, and is elected from the applying or nominated scholars by IBA members, by a vote of most ACMs, 0~3 each year.

    IBA Member Congress is h​eld by IBA every two years.  Academic conferences or field trips can be organized by an institution at any time in case that the application and plan be approved by the AC of IBA.

Fee and Donation

    IBA Members are encouraged to pay a fee ($10) voluntarily, and donations from any legal channels are welcome, for paying the registration fee of IBA ($1650 for the first year​​, $250 every year afterward,  and a maintenance fee ($500) of the website each year.


Apply to join IBA

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All correspondences for IBA should be to two of: (Ya-Sheng Wu), (Brian Jones), (Tadeusz Marek Peryt), (Lu​isa I. Falcón), pieter.visscher (Pieter T. Visscher).​​